1996-2000 : body-lifting, liposculpture 27 interventions : résultats

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1996-2000 : body-lifting, liposculpture 27 interventions : résultats
1996-2000 : Body lifting and liposculpture results


The correction of the body flacidity by ressection of a large amont of tissue and in one stage is today the only way to give a new contour for such body. In case of large lost of weight, the liposculpture is done, if need, after the body-lift procedure. The patient’s situation must be eveluated preoperatively to justify the final scar Sometimes hypertrophic. Few complications for a high degree of satisfaction if every patient is be told about the real and the limited possibility of expectations.

Identifiant ISSN : 0336-7525

La Revue de chirurgie esthétique de langue française A. 2001, vol. 25, n° 102, pp. 11-18 [bibl. : 5 ref.] Langue Français

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